Welcome to my blog,

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Thu Trinh, please call me ‘Thu’ – it sounds like the number ‘two’ in English.

I love writing both in English and Vietnamese.

As you might already know that the sense of homour is different in different languages…

Sometimes when I tell my story in English everyone (who are English speakers) laughs but the same story when I translate it into Vietnamese (word-by-word) nobody thinks it is funny… they also laugh but it is not because the story is funny it it is because they think it is hilarious when the only person laughing is me 😀 

Therefore, I decided to create two blogs one in English and one in Vietnamese. This way I can tailor the stories in each language so my Vietnamese and English readers can both get the sense of humour in my stories.

Enjoy reading!!!… and hopefully you can get the punch lines in the stories

Kind Regards,