I am writing this article because I was shocked by the dental costs in Australia compared to Vietnam.

You might say… “come on… because the cost of living here is high”. Well, It is true but… still so expensive!!! I did a three-surface filling the other day. It cost me A $595. I researched and found a good price and reasonable dentist (from the reviews). A filling like that in Da Nang, Vietnam, would cost me 1,000,000vnd (Around A $61). This would be considered a small job. … and the price has already been a big difference between the two countries.

My husband got a quote of nearly A $8,000 for a titanium implant. The same implant in Vietnam is around A $1,500.

Let me show you an estimated cost to get your dental done in Vietnam with the most expensive service (dental implant) from the dentist I used.

Return flight ticketAccommodation
(3-star standard or mid-range)
Food and transport
Dental Implant
(most expensive option)
Total cost
A $1,100
(Vietnam airlines is usually more expensive than other airlines)
A $60/night * 6nights = A $360
(I just pick 6 nights. Maybe you want to stay more or less)
A $ 20/day*7 days = $140 30,000,000vnd
(A $1,790)
A $3,390
An estimated cost.

With the saving cost, you might want to travel and get your teeth done while enjoying your holiday. Your question must be about the quality of dental work.

How about the quality of dental work in Vietnam?

We used to live in Da Nang, and our dentist is Dr Diep, who studied in Melbourne, Australia. The training quality is equal to the dentist I used in Brisbane (an Australian-trained dentist). In fact, in my experience, Dr Diep’s work is better quality than the dentist I used here (in Brisbane).

Dr Diep speaks English very well, so if you ever use her, you don’t have to worry about communication if you book the service with her.

We love her; her work is excellent. I removed my wisdom tooth. It took her nearly two hours to get the job done, and she only charged me 1,500,000vnd (A $95).

She has many tourists from Australia who booked a dental tour in Vietnam. She told me that she works with an insurance company that offers a dental holiday package for their clients in Australia.

How good is that? Travel and get your teeth done. I like this idea a lot.

Vietnamese people love international quality. So most dental clinics will have the international quality standard for their products. However, you have to be careful to get a trustworthy dental clinic.

Getting dental work in Vietnam

There are two ways that you can get your dental work done in Vietnam.

The first option for those who are concerned about the quality of the work. Check with your insurance provider if they provide these dental tourism packages. Or you can even book with an Australian tour operator that offers dental tour packages in Vietnam.

Option 2, which you can book your holiday and make an appointment with your dentist in Vietnam. If you take this option, I will take you through the steps you can take.

Please note that this is from my experience; I don’t get any commission or payments from Dr Diep or any clinics I recommended in this article.

How to book a dental tour in Da Nang, Vietnam.

I am going to be very specific; the city is Da Nang, Vietnam. I used to live in Hanoi for more than ten years, and I used some dental clinics in Hanoi. However, I think for a cheaper service and good quality, Da Nang is a better place for dental services and holiday places.

Just like booking your own tour to any place. You need to have a place to stay, transport, etc. I live in Australia, so my instruction will be from Australia.

Book your dental appointment

The first thing, I think you should do is contact the dental clinics before you even book other services, e.g.., flight tickets, accommodation

Dr Diep speaks good English, and you can either call her directly or book your appointment. It might be a good idea to book a consultation on her website: http://danangdentist.com/contact/

You can find the price list of the services at: http://danangdentist.com/services/

I would recommend calling her or emailing her to arrange a zoom meeting or video phone call to get the best consultation.

Note: I know some other good clinics in Da Nang. However, Dr Diep’s clinic was the best service that I had. So, I will recommend her in this article.

Book your flight tickets

Then, you will need to book a flight ticket from Australia to Da Nang international airport. Many airlines fly from Australia to Da Nang, e.g., Vietnam, Singapore, AirAsia etc. It depends on which city you will fly out to get the best deals.

I often search for the cheapest flight tickets from Brisbane to Da Nang. Then, I pick an option that is suitable for me.

Book your hotels

Next is to book your accommodation. We still have our house in Da Nang, so I don’t have to book a hotel in Da Nang.

Da Nang city is a small city (around 1,285 km²). It does not matter where you stay. You can easily catch a taxi or ‘xe ôm’ – a motorbike taxi to your dental clinic. If you book your service with Dr Diep, I think these 2 locations would be great:

Firstly, just do some research on hotels in Da Nang to check the prices and availability.

Booking.com rel=”nofollow”

Personally, I would recommend booking a hotel in the My Khe beach area if you would like to eat just outside your hotel. This area will have many local restaurants.

Booking.com rel=”nofollow”

If you like to stay in a quiet and more fancy area, then Non Nuoc beach area will be your option. As I said, Da Nang is very small, so don’t worry too much about how far things are.

Booking.com rel=”nofollow”

Good To Know:

You can stay in Da Nang city or Hoi An Ancient Town. Hoi An is about 30 km from Da Nang city, and it will take around 30 mins driving.

While you are in Da Nang, these are three authentic Da Nang foods you might want to try. You can also join a group tour to visit 5 Best Places to Visit in Da Nang.

Book a day trip to Ba Na hills

While you are in Da Nang, make your flight tick worthwhile. It is a good idea to book a day trip to Ba Na Hills or take a day trip to Da Nang city.

After you finish your dental treatments, then it is a good idea to stay in Hoi An for a few nights. Here are some recommended tour options while you are in Da Nang.

Dis-claimer: All of the content in this blog is based on my own personal experience. However, I have included some links that you might find useful – and I do make a little money if you use them (not the suggested dental clinic).