Green Sticky Rice from Vong village

Autumn is high time for many people stopping at the gate of Da Loc village in Xuan Thuy street to buy “cốm” (Green sticky rice)

Green sticky rice wrap in Lotus leaf

Cốm’ in Vong village has been famous for many years. It is serviced with a special banana (banana having freckles). Skillful hands of women also stir-fry it with sugar to make ‘Cốm’ sweat soup. It is difficult to find a good ‘Cốm’ in any other region that has the same taste. It gives inspiration to artists from Hanoi and all over Vietnam.

The ideal rice to make ‘Com’ should be young, green and milky. If it gets older, ‘Cốm’  will be hard and not delicious. The popular time for making ‘Cốm’ falls in August of the lunar year. ‘Cốm’ is also available in May, however, gourmets like to enjoy ‘Cốm’ in August. Rice should be processed as soon as possible after harvesting to get the best ‘Cốm’ are the same as making rice. Bundles of rice are put into a threshing machine. Wash rice in water and throw away the floating grains. Formally, people often produced ‘Cốm’ by manual methods. Nowadays, it is made with machines. Clean rice is stir fried in a pan on high heat until dry and has fragrance. Leave it to cool then pound in a mortar to unhusk it.

Green Sticky rice cover with coconut threads

After 4 -5 times pounding and removing the husk and bran, we have ‘Cốm’.

“We should warp ‘Cốm’ in lotus leaves to keep it fresh and tasty,” said Mr. Binh – his family has made ‘Cốm’ for many generations in Hau hamlet.

Although the method of making ‘Cốm’ is not the same as before. ‘Cốm’ still exists in the hearts of Trang An people (Hanoians) during the renewal era. People who live far away from home usually remember Hanoi Autumn as well as ‘Cốm’ of Vong village. It is something that cannot be missed in Mid-Autumn Festival. Hanoians wish that no matter how modern the Capital City becomes, Vong village’s ‘Cốm’ still exists.